If you want to step up your apartment decorating, choosing an interior design style is the best place to start. 

When you have an apartment interior design style chosen, not only will you create a more unified-looking space, but you’ll have an apartment style that fits your personality. And there’s nothing more satisfying than creating a space that truly feels like your own

But if you’ve never tried to stick to a particular style before, or if you aren’t familiar with the styles out there, it’s challenging to know where to begin. 

That’s what this short guide on how to choose a design style for your apartment is all about! 

Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Films, Shows, Music, & Books

First, think about the kind of media you like. What music do you listen to? What kind of shows do you enjoy watching? What’s your favorite book? All of these things can lend themselves to finding an interior design that feels like you

You see, design style can be inspired by what you most enjoy and connect with. If you happen to notice you love a certain set design in one of your most watched shows or movies, take note of what you like about it. 

Furthermore, consider what music you always have on repeat. Do you listen to classic rock? Have a fond appreciation for the 60s? Upbeat music or something calmer? For example, if you typically like listening to softer music, maybe you would be more drawn to neutral-toned furniture. Or maybe you love music with a lot of different sounds. In that case, a lot of color and variety may be in order. 

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Look at What You Wear 

Next, let’s look at what you have in your closet. Do you see any patterns with the clothes that you wear? Similar color tones or styles? 

You can apply the same taste you have for clothing to picking an apartment design. Furthermore, try to pay attention to what seems to be standing out about your wardrobe. Consider your favorite outfits and think about what it is you like most about them. 

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Create a Mood Board 

A great way to explore apartment decorating styles is to create a mood board. Put together your saved links, pictures, or posts of interior design styles you like. 

You can also look to social media for apartment decorating styles, or simply search online. For example, try using a hashtag like #apartmentdecor or #interiordesign. 

Most importantly, follow Apartment Goals on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram for even more style examples! 

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Design Styles to Get You Started 

Here are a few interior design styles to help get your creative juices flowing. 


Modern interior design brings together sleek furniture and muted colors. The focus of modern design is on finding the perfect fusion of function and style. 


Traditional interior design features rich color tones like dark blue framed with pale and creme backdrops. Taken from classic European aesthetics, traditional design chooses elaborate furniture pieces over subtlety. 

Midcentury Modern

Midcentury modern leans on warm colors like orange, yellow, brown, and green, with clean lines and low-sitting furniture. Additionally, the style often attempts to integrate the outside natural world with the inside of a room. 

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Find Your Apartment Interior Design Style

Ready to choose a design style for your apartment? Visit Apartment Goals for more tips and tricks in your apartment decorating journey. Or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for even more small apartment interior design ideas! 

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