Decorating a small studio apartment comes with a unique set of challenges. Studio apartments often have limitations because of their size. So how do you decorate something like a 400-square-foot studio apartment? 

Keep reading for the best small studio apartment decorating ideas. 

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Focus on Function 

The best piece of advice to follow is to pick up functional pieces first. Think hanging shelves, foldable tables and bed frames, or hooks for your kitchen and bathroom. 

When you have limited space, a piece of furniture that either folds or offers you extra storage space helps keep everything organized

Furthermore, a small space is more likely to clutter easily

Choosing a coffee table that has storage space inside or a Murphy bed frame that folds up when not in use will stretch the use of your space. 

Better yet, if you can find a studio apartment with a loft, you can avoid losing a lot of the room to your bed. 

Essentially, cover the basics! 

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Curtains, Mirrors, Wall Art, & Rugs 

Curtains can provide a unique use when decorating a small studio apartment. For example, while your studio might just be one big space, you can use curtains to create make-shift partitions or give your bedroom area more privacy. 

This gives a sense of a larger space. It also helps you separate your sleeping, cooking, working, and relaxing areas. 

Additionally, mirrors can also bring a sense of depth to your space as well as a stylish, regal look. 

But don’t neglect wall art! Even small portraits and pictures give your apartment interesting additions. 

Furthermore, throw rugs are always a great idea — especially for a studio with hardwood floors.  

Customize With Modular Furniture

Choosing to pick up some modular furniture will give you the ability to customize your space as you see fit. 

Create more seating space for guests. Make a futon or long couch. Either way, modular furniture is a great way to maximize your space for social gatherings or expand on your current level of comfort. 

Midcentury or Low-Incline Furniture 

If you want to make your ceilings feel higher, or give the room a bigger feel in general, decorate with midcentury or low-incline furniture. With furniture that sits low to the ground, you can create the illusion of a much larger space. 

Plus, this style of furniture is easy to pair with, since it is usually neutral in color.

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Keep Experimenting! 

Your first decorating setup doesn’t have to be your last. Keep trying new things! Maximizing the space in your studio apartment without sacrificing style takes some thought and time. 

Spend a while in your apartment. Think about where things could go, and try rearranging every so often until it feels right. 

It’s going to be a work in progress, and that’s okay. Enjoy figuring it out! 

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