When you’re making the move to your new place, costs can quickly add up. From rental application fees to your lease deposits and all the moving expenses, it could be a good idea to get a little strategic with your spending. Because who doesn’t want to pick up a few new pieces of furniture? 

So let’s get into the best practices to keep in mind when you’re decorating your apartment on a budget. 


The most important thing to remember when you’re decorating an apartment on a budget is that focusing on the bigger items first will give you the best results! 

For example, what piece of furniture will you and your guests use the most? What item do you most need to replace from your current lineup? 

By creating a clear picture of your furniture priorities, you can plan, budget, and customize accordingly. 

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Find Functional Furniture 

When you’re looking for small apartment decorating ideas on a budget, consider functional furniture for the best value. 

Items like a Murphy bed frame that fold up when not in use are a great way to get more space out of your apartment and can be a solid investment for future moves. Additionally, hanging shelves or hooks for bikes or other large items help keep your space clutter-free and open. 

Furthermore, think about utensil racks to save drawer space in your kitchen. 

The idea here is to get the most bang for your buck. That doesn’t mean the items are necessarily cheap (although we never say no to cheap apartment decor). It means that you’re investing in a piece of furniture that suits your needs in multiple ways — and adds a stylish flair to your space!

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Adorn Your Walls

Decorating your walls gives you a lot of options. Wall art, decals, mirrors, and even curtains are all great choices. Each brings a sense of style and personality to your apartment. 

What’s best about these apartment decor ideas is that you can easily add character on a budget. 

Wall art, for example, could turn into a fun project for you and a friend, while mirrors can create a bit of depth to a small space. Furthermore, curtains can create sections of a room when you’re in a studio to give the illusion of there being multiple areas in one space. 

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Don’t Forget the Floors (Hint: Rugs, Rugs, Rugs) 

When you’re decorating your apartment on a budget, rugs are your go-to — not just because if you have hardwood floors you might save yourself from losing your rental deposit, but because they also bring a lot of warmth and personal touch to an apartment. 

Better yet, pick up a new coffee table to place on top of a large throw rug in your living room. 

Since rugs are quite affordable, don’t be afraid to try different rugs in different rooms to see which one meshes well with your other decor. 

Or you can try setting up large potted plants to fill out your space and add texture to a room. 

Miscellaneous Ideas: Lights, Bar Carts, & Wine Racks 

Light fixtures, bar carts, or even a wine rack in the kitchen are all great items to add both form and function to your apartment decor while staying on budget. 

You may get more use out of a bar cart than you’d expect. Especially if you plan to have a housewarming party. 

Beyond that, light fixtures are ideal for any room. Explore different kinds of bulbs and shades to find the light ambiance that suits your style. 

Additionally, think about adding something like a shoe rack in your entryway. Or how about a media table for a record player or TV? 

More Apartment Decor Ideas on a Budget

In the end, decorating your apartment on a budget can be an easy process to navigate if you keep these tips in mind. And if you want even more inspiration for your future apartment setup, visit our website or follow us on Pinterest and Instagram!

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