Your bedroom should be your refuge from a busy bustling day. It should be void of any distractions so that you can fully rejuvenate each evening. The type of bed you choose can really define your space and its overall ambiance and feel.

We’ve gathered a list of the best bed styles that you’ll want to consider when designing your next bedroom.

Different Bed Sizes

Goldilocks quickly realized the different types of beds and tried them all until she found the best one. Here the bed sizes that you’ll typically find in a bedroom. We recommend determining the bed size you want before you start shopping for a bed frame. The available bed size dimensions are below by width and length.

Twin/Single Size: 38″ x 75″
Extra-Long Twin Size: 38″ x 80″
Full/Double Size: 54″ x 75″
Queen Size: 60″ x 80″
King Size: 76″ x 80″
California King Size: 72″ x 84″

Types of Beds

Now that you’ve picked out the bed size that you need for your room(s), let’s check out the different types of beds available on the market so you can have an idea of the best bed styles out there. When shopping for bed frames, you’ll have to keep in mind whether or not it will require a box spring in addition to the mattress.

Box Spring Requirements

collage of bed box spring requirement types


Standard: Set low to the ground and comes with minimal support beams. They will typically be bookended by a headboard and footboard. For this type of bed you’ll require a box spring.

Simple Bed Frame: This is the most basic type of bed that offers only a mattress foundation.  A simple bed frame does not require a headboard or footboard. This type of bed is very versatile because you can pair it with a separate headboard of your choice and an ottoman for added storage at the foot of the bed.

Platform: The mattress sits on top of the platform bed frame. A box spring isn’t required for this type of bed. The mattress is supported by slats that close together and level with the top of the platform. Platform beds are simple in design and typically lack the footboard.

Bed Designs

collage of bed designs


Bookcase: Bookcase beds include built-in shelves and other storage spaces, making them great for compact spaces.

Canopy: The is the sister of the four-poster bed style. Canopy beds have tall posts with crossbeams that connect at the top. They can be outfitted with curtains for more privacy, adding a romantic look to the bed style. Canopy beds are typically very tall and will look best in rooms with high ceilings and are one of our staff’s best bed styles.

Four-Poster: Four-poster beds include decorative posts that rise up from each corner of the bed frame. The posts vary in height with some protruding only a couple inches above the mattress and others extending to almost to the ceiling. The posts may look rustic and ornate, or offer a more simple design.

Murphy: Murphy beds are great for compact living spaces like studios or one bedroom apartments. They’re built to be tucked away when not in use. They fold up into a wall panel for easy storage and space saving. The wall mount may have the appearance of a closet, dresser, or bureau. Some facades may even be equipped with lights, bookshelves and other useful space-saving storage components.

Open-Frame: Open-frame bed designs have headboards and footboards featuring free-flowing or organic lines. This design sometimes includes slat beds. Depending on the form and material, they can fit in industrial, modern, farmhouse, or traditional style homes.

Panel: This basic bed style includes a flat panel headboard and matching footboard. This simple bed frame comes in a wide variety of materials, styles, and colors.

Slat: A slat headboards include a headboard and/or footboard made with vertical or horizontal slats or rails. They can be either wooden or metal and offer a rustic farmhouse feel.

Sleigh: Sleigh beds have an outward-arching shape on both the headboard and footboard, making it look like Santa’s sleigh, which gives the bed its name. Sleigh beds are often bulky and claim a lot of space compared to other styles.

Storage-Included: These bed types offer under-bed storage. The storage is often in the form of deep, wide drawers. A storage bed is great for smaller bedrooms with less floor space.

Wingback: A wingback headboard has two side panels jutting out from the side of the headboard. The wingback addition is simple, but it adds a level of design and luxury to your bed.

Beds for Extra Rooms

collage of beds for extra spaces


Convertible: Convertible furniture can transform from a comfortable seating area to a bed in seconds. The back panels will fold down for a comfortable sleeping area. Convertibles will come in the form of a chair, ottoman, sectional, or sofa.

Daybed: Daybeds typically sit against a wall or window and doubles as sofa or a comfortable bed for short naps. The headboard a daybed act as the sofa arms. Some styles have arm rests. Some daybeds also come with storage drawers underneath.

Futon: A futon is a traditional Japanese mattress. It can be laid completely flat on the floor for sleeping. Modern futons look more like sofas that can be converted into a flat bed.

Beds for Kids

collage of kid bed designs


Bunk Bed: Bunk beds are stacked and make the most of small spaces by stacking two beds on top of one another. The top bed is usually accessible by a mini staircase or built-in ladder.

Loft: The bed is elevated above the ground and is accessible by ladder. Under the bed is a workspace or lounge space. These beds are typically found at Ikea, are stylish and very space-friendly.

Trundle: Trundle beds have a large under-bed drawer that slides out to fit an entire second mattress. The drawer can also be used as storage. This bed is great for sleepovers!

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