Bigger isn’t always better!

Small spaces have the ability to feel much cozier and intimate. You’ll be forced to trim down your needs versus wants and ensure that every space in your living room is not wasted.

And just because you can’t have everything you want, doesn’t mean you can’t make your small living room inviting or seem larger than it really is. Here are our tips on how to decorate your small living spaces intelligently and creatively.

#1 Design Vertically

Make the most of your wall space by going vertical. A great way to decorate vertical is to use the following techniques:

  • Floating shelves help to keep stuff off the floor and make your compact space look visually more spacious.
  • Narrow bookcases and shelves offer additional surface space and is a great way to store and organize your belongings.
  • Use hooks to keep your items off the floor. A great example is to use a guitar wall hook instead of stand to create for space on the ground and add a decorative feel to your walls.

#2 Add More Storage

Find furniture that doubles as storage for your small space. We recommend:

  • Storage beds with roomy drawers in the base for bedding, clothes, and other necessities
  • Coffee tables with storage that can hide your electronics, remotes, and more
  • Sectional sofas with storage capacity or even a pull out mattress for your guests
  • An ottoman which doubles as seating and storage for your extra blankets, pillows, and more.

#3 Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Shop for versatile furniture and decor that offers more than one use. This will help your space function better now, and in the future.

For example, bookshelves are great for both the living room, office, bedroom and kitchen and store a variety of belongings.

#4 Use Nesting Furniture

Opt for a coffee table that nests into itself when no in use. When you have guests over, pull the nesting pieces apart and create more surface area for you to entertain your guests.

#5 Use a Large Area Rug

Choosing a larger rug with a bold pattern can make your living room appear larger! Smaller rugs typically break up the floor and can make your space look compact.

A large area rug can also help be a focus of the room and help with decorating the surrounding area.

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#6 Paint Your Walls Bright

Keep walls and ceilings all white or a bright color to widen up your space. It offers the illusion of space and makes your area seem larger than it is.

Add more dimension by using large black and white artwork that will complement bright-colored walls.

#7 Place Furniture in the Middle

A common mistake people make in a small living room is to push furniture against the wall. Create the illusion of space by breaking up the space. Place your furniture in the middle and use the wall behind it for vertical or floating shelves.

Enlarge a small living room by pulling the furniture a few inches away from the walls. It creates breathing space that will make your room appear bigger.

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#8 Incorporate Mirrors

Mirrors help make small rooms look larger and broader.

Prop a mirror on top of your mantle or even stack them side by side near your bar cart area. The reflection in the mirror will give your room more depth as well as give you a place to make sure your hair looks great before you head out the door.

Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night. Mirrors can also bounce light around the room to make it appear larger.

You can also opt for mirrors on coffee tables or cabinet doors if you do not wish to hang mirrors from your walls.

#9 Declutter

If there’s one thing that’s going to create the illusion of more space, it’s decluttering. Decluttering can actually make a room feel wider in seconds. Small living room storage is key to maintaining a clutter-free experience.

Keep your room tidy and organized by having a good storage system for when you’re not using your belongings. Tuck away any toys, blankets, pillows, workout equipment, and other unnecessary items. Decluttering helps you space instantly feel bigger and more pleasant to lounge in.

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We hope that you found our tips for decorating a small living room helpful.

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how to decorate a small living room

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