Have a special event with guests coming over or just want to add some pizzaz to your dining table? Here are a few fast and simple you can add table decorations to impress your guests.

We’ll show you how to assemble a casual table setting with these simple steps. Transform your table into a beautiful dining display using DIY decorations, creative centerpiece ideas, and some table linens. These tips also work well for decorating your kitchen and other surfaces in your home.

Choose a Color Scheme

Matching colors are a great way to make a dining table look inviting. Try to match it with a particular season. For example, try orange, red or yellow hues for fall and bright and colorful palettes for spring. We love using pastel colors for Easter.

You can match a wide variety of items when decorating a table. Here is a list of things that work great with table decorating:

  • Dishware (plates, bowls, mugs)
  • Glassware
  • Silverware
  • Centerpieces
  • Table linen (table runners and table cloths)

With these items, the combinations for table decorating is endless and fun.


When trying to see how to decorate your dining table your first thought may be: a centerpiece.

A centerpiece is a great way to help set the theme of the entire room. They’re often decorative but can also be functional. Centerpieces are often used during holidays such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas and large family gatherings. They’re also a great way to just add some festive ambiance to the home.

Table centerpiece ideas

1. You can buy or make your centerpiece . Amazon is a great place to buy preassembled centerpieces at very affordable prices. Choose centerpieces with flowers, vases, candles, garlands, ribbon, plants, branches, and more. When choosing a centerpiece, try to stick to odd numbers for patterns, such as 1, 3, 5 or 7. Decorations in odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye and create a sense of balance. This is more pleasing to the eye and helps create a sense of balance.

2. If you’re using multiple centerpieces, stick to varying heights so that it looks balanced at the dining table. Having the tallest element in the center table will also allow the center to be the point of focus and can determine where the host will be seated.

3. It’s often best practice to keep your decorations simple so that you can easily use them again and again. One way to keep it simple is by using a candlestick and garland of flowers around the base. This decoration is timeless and fits many dining table themes.

4. One trend that we’ve seen is the use of branches in vases. This can look very dramatic and is great for Fall and Winter decorations.

5. Use flowers and fruit to add some fragrance and color to your table decoration. A great idea is to place a mason jar or decorative bowl on a platform and float flowers or fruit in them. Make sure that you choose flowers that are not too fragrant, or else it can take away from the delicious food at the table.

6. Add some functionality to your centerpiece. For example, a decorative punch bowl can bring the table together and be used to provide beverages to guests at the table.

7. And make sure guests can see over the centerpiece. Do not make them too tall that they can’t interact with guests across the table. A good way to gauge this is to sit at the table and see if any decorations block your view.

floral table centerpiece

8. Table linens are a great way to easily change up your dining table look. They come in many colors, textures, materials, sizes and shapes. We typically combine and match a table cloth, table runner and napkins when decorating. Linens are probably the most important because it really changes how a room will look and feel.

We hope that our tips help you easily decorate your dining table and impress your guests!

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