So you already read our guide on how to rent an apartment, you’ve decided the first plants you’ll have and the style you want to give to your first apartment. You’ve decided you’re ready to embark on a journey and find an apartment to live in on your own, with roommates or your partner. Where do you go to find an apartment?

Below is a list of places that we highly recommend checking out to find apartment rentals.

Where to Find Apartment to Rent

Here are some of our favorite places to search for the perfect apartment.

Apartment Hunting Best Practices

Below are some tips to help you determine the best apartment for you.

Negotiate your rent costs. Always negotiate rent costs. Never settle for the first apartment you visit. It typically takes the average renter 5-8 walkthroughs before they decide on an apartment that is right for them. Do market research if necessary to find the best deal and living situation for you.

Always take into consideration if you’ll enjoy the area where you plan to live. We recommend hanging out in the neighborhood for a day. The right neighborhood can make a huge difference. If you need a neighborhood with a high walkability score, look for apartments that are in dense areas with basic needs within walking distance. This can include grocery stores, laundromats, restaurants, schools, coffee shops, and more.

If you have kids, look for neighborhoods located next to well rated schools.

Keep in mind that the place you move to should be a place that you’ll enjoy living in for a while. If necessary, make a list of pros and cons prior to moving into a neighborhood. This will help you narrow down your choices with intention.

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How to find an apartment

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